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Video and Radio  
Tian Jiang's Short Biography for Press Use | Please Click to Download |  
A Story of Tian "Shanghai Dreaming"Please Click to Download |  
"A formidable technique ... shining, crisp, energetic and colorfully illuminated".  
  The New York Times  
"In the outer movements all of the barnstorming moments were brilliantly dispatched. But it was the tenderness of  
Tian's playing of the beautiful slower tunes which lingered in the audience's memory".  
  The London Times  
"Tian Jiang achieved an exquisite performance ... the internationally known Jiang is a deeply presuasive Mozartean  
who delivers the full spectrum of the composer's vitrues - wit, pathos, brilliance, and serenity in this  
buoyant performance ..."  
  The Los Angeles Times   
"An impressive expressiveness.The piano sang out with melody and his nuances sounded like gentle raindrops."  
  The Dallas Morning News  
"Tian's artistry, was big in every sense of the word."  
  Boston Globe  
“A thoughtful interpreter.”  
  The New York Times  
“Tian played superbly.”  
  The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  
“He played Mozart with delicacy and precision.”   
  Robert Hardcastle, England  
“Even in today’s talent-rich world, the number of pianists who can play Prokofiev to perfection are few.  
Tian is assuredly one of them.”  
  Jim Driscoll, Butt, Montana  
"Utterly portic and ravishingly musical... a musician of great culture."  
  Philippine Daily Inquirer  
"A truly great artist."  
  Daily News Leader, USA  
"Solo pianist/composer Tian,who hails from China and has a notable career as a classical performer."  
"A truly exquisite treatment of the opus with all the necessay coloring that it demands."  
  Essex Journal, USA  
"Jiang performed with mercurial virtuosity....effortless technique and whimsical musicality."  
  Classical New Jersey  
"Shanghai Dream" shows that Tian "... can keep pace with the world's most established pianists".  
  Rhythm Music  
"Dancing Waves ... a slice of heaven".  
  World Music  
"Dancing Waves ... a great accomplishment".  
"The sound of the piano surrounds the wide-open universe: the dream spirit crosses the great  
mountain into the unknown."  
  Press Photographs    -- Please Click Photograph to Open Link for Download --  
Tian Jiang Press Photo      Tian Jiang Press Photo     Tian Jiang Press Photo  
Tian Jiang Press Photo   Tian Jiang Press Photo   Tian Jiang Press Photo  
Tian Jiang Press Photo   Tian Jiang Press Photo   Tian Jiang Press Photo  
Tian Jiang Press Photo   Tian Jiang Press Photo   Tian Jiang Press Photo  


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